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Face Painting for Kids

Face Painting For Kids

You remember how exciting it can be to get something painted on your face? 

Kids of all ages just love to get their face painted. 

No matter how fancy or how simple, getting a face painting is so cool…they love it!

Kids will stand in line waiting to be painted, just like if they were waiting for an amusement part ride.

Whether its a monster face-painting or a  princess face-painting they never seem to get enough.  Flower Designs face-painting , Heart Designs face-painting,  Name Designs, Creative Line Design.

Kids of all ages enjoy having their face painted, but not only their face but other places as well.

Some kids prefer to be painted on their arm, a temporary Tattoo, snakes coming from under their shirt sleeve,

maybe their favorite sports team.  During summer, shorts reveal legs that may be your canvas also.

No matter where kids get painted, they never seem to be unhappy, well perhaps when their parents don’t want them to have another or anymore…


Face Painting, Everyone Enjoys them

Face Painting, Everyone Enjoys Them

Children of all ages, all shapes and sizes enjoy getting their faces painted.  Maybe it’s the attention they will get when everyone sees their design or maybe just be be different for a while does it.  Whatever the reason, most kids enjoy the experience of getting something painted on their face.

Not just their face, but almost everywhere else that you can see.

Here, I’m at a birthday party of a small child painting faces.  You may have different ages of children attending a party so you need to be prepared for different age kids.  Of coarse you’ll probably have parents of some kids there also.  Usually you will have the parents wanting something painted on them. This little boy wanted a snake,  I suggested that it would be really cool to have a snake appear to be coming from under his shirt.   This is one way of painting a snake that appears to be coming from under the sleeve of a kids shirt.  Make sure the clothes are pulled out of the way, you don’t want paint going on clothes, parents may not like that too well lol.

Snake Designs are really cool designs  for boys, and even some girls like it too…










Face Painting, Let’s have fun…

Face Painting, Let’s Have Fun

I’m new to posting blogs, but I realize that there are many people are online doing just this.

Face painting for kids can be so enjoyable, even the big kids enjoy it too. 

It’s so cool when the kids you’ve just painted looks in the mirror to see your work, the smile they have says it all.

There is so much to learn and so much to do. 

I hope to improve my skills and keep updating and adding to this site.

I will give it my best shot… 

I’m a Art Teacher, I’ve been working with kids for 25 years, Face Painting during this time has been part of my career as a teacher, and now I’m taking a things to a different level…