Face Painting at an Easter Egg Hunt

for Relay For Life Event in Hoke County, NC

I was asked to come a Face Paint during a Relay for Life Easter Egg Hunt.  This was put together part of a Fundraiser to raise money for Relay For Life.

Parents brought their kids, ages 4-10.  Face Painting along with other activities were available for the kids to participate in.  And yes, the Big Easter Egg Hunt.  The kids were devided into three age groups; to make sure all the kids had a chance to get the Easter Eggs.  Before and after the hunt, me and my son were very busy painting faces.  My son uses stencils to Face Paint, and I Free Hand.  All the kids enjoyed getting their faces painted, we even painted a few adults.

Cheek Art, Rainbow Stencil

Cheek Art, Butterfly

Body Art, Stencil Butterfly

Cheek Art, Rainbow

Cheek Art, Stencil Ghost

Cheek Art, Rose

Cheek Art, Blue Flowers

Cheek Art, Butterfly

Cheek Art, Pink Flowers

Cheek Art, Blue Flowers