A few Feather designs that were painted

during a Family Day Event.

It was a little funny, but kids will be kids…  Once the first feather was painted, a lot of other kids including some adults wanted a feather also.  It was a hot day and we were outside, actually under a shelter,  but it was still hot out.  My son and myself had competition with a swimming pool I’m afraid,  and what do think the kids chose?  Swimming won out over my face painting for a while, but sure enough after a little while when it was time for lunch, the kids started lining up to have designs painted on their face, arm and legs.

My son uses stencils and sponges when he creates his face and body designs.  The kids, adults can choose from several designs that we have to offer, glitter for all the girls (unless that wish not) is used to give the design that little sparkling that looks great.  Outlining is sometimes used depending on the design that has been chosen.


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