Examples of Face Painting Designs from Father/Son Day at the park.

Butterfly Design

Mom was watching her daughter have her face painted and she decided she wanted to look like her daughter.  I was surprised how even grown ups like to have their face painted.  

Butterfly Design

This was actually my first attempt and a full face design.  I usually do cheek art, but this child wanted a full Butterfly.  I couldn’t turn her down so this is my attempt.  So many kids were in line that I didn’t take the time to really make it nice.  But, the child was very happy with this design.

Flaming Skull using a Stencil

Wolf boy Design

This boy wanted to be a wolf.  I wasn’t exactly sure how to approach this design but here my attempt.  I was hoping to keep things as simple and possible because so many other kids were waiting but once I started I had a hard time stopping.  He was very happy so I guess that’s the most important thing when painting for kids. 

Tiger face

This was my first attempt at painting this design, as you can see I have a lot more work to do. 

Practice, Practice, Practice…  However, the kids loved the work and had the biggest smiles

Flower Design

This is a flower that I painted on the leg of a girl.  She let me paint whatever I wanted so I decided this would work on the space i had to work with.  I realize I should have spent longer on detail, but you have to paint quickly with others in line waiting to get their paintings.  The girl was very happy with her design and liked showing it off to others.

Rose Design

This is a stenciled rose design

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