Face Paint

Face Paint For Beginners

Are you a new face painter asking, “What do I need to start face painting?” The basic things you need are some paint, applicators (brushes & sponges), clean water and a willing face to paint. It’s usually easiest to start with a face paint kit, which will include several colors in smaller sizes, allowing you to learn to paint without breaking the budget. Many of our kits include a book of basic face paint designs, brushes and a sponge, and these accessories are also available separately. We even have kits that include just a few colors and teach you how to make a single face, making them ideal for theme parties!


Many new to face painting like to use face paint stamps instead of brushes because they are so easy to use. Just dab the stamp in dampened face paint and apply to the skin, presto!


Glitter adds that extra sparkle to your designs. Our easy to use “poof” bottles let you add a dusting of colorful glitter over your design, giving it that extra sparkle.


And if you don’t know the difference between a fine point and a chisel brush — not a problem, just choose a beginner brush set. So, get started here at the Beginners’ Corner of Facepaint.com.